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Hen Party Etiquette – Planning to please everyone

Hen Party Etiquette – Planning to please everyone

Your best mate is getting married and now you are in charge of planning a hen do. What hen party etiquette should you follow? And how do you please everyone?

Follow these top tips and you won’t go wrong.


Deciding who should have an invite to the hen party is the first step. For this it is best to ask the bride for a list. She may want a small gathering of those closest to her, or she may want a larger party.

It can get difficult when it comes to whether or not to invite older relatives of the bride to a hen party that could get a little raucous. If your bride doesn’t want her mother to be invited to a wild night out, politely explain it to her mother and organise a more leisurely meal that everyone can enjoy on a different date.


Before you start booking flights to Marbella, find out everyone’s budgets. What can seem like loose change to some could be very significant to others. The budget has to be realistic, so do a small amount of research on hen party costs and see if everyone on the guest list can afford it.


Set up a communication channel that everyone is happy with. This could be group emails, WhatsApp or Facebook. Keep everyone informed, especially about dates when payments are due. However, don’t swamp people with messages, they won’t thank you for this.


The hen party is all about the bride. Choose activities that she will enjoy. However, you will also have a whole group of other people to please. Depending on how much people’s tastes vary, you might want to consider booking a variety of activities, some energetic, some relaxing.

If some members of the group really don’t want to join in with something, let them know that it is ok for them to sit and watch instead. You don’t want to end up with people boycotting the hen party completely, just because they have a strong aversion to Zumba.

The little details

It is fun to have a hen party theme, but don’t stress over the little details and don’t expect all hens to spend lots of money and time in synchronising outfits and accessories.

Have fun

Hen parties are all about fun. Ensure the bride and everyone else has lots of fun and a chance to all relax together ready for the Big Day.


Posted 22nd Aug 2017

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