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How to organise the best hen weekend

How to organise the best hen weekend

Your best mate getting married is a big moment in every woman’s life, but even more so when you are charged with organising the hen weekend. Trying to get a group of people together who may not know each other and plan events that they will all enjoy, within their budgets is quite an undertaking, but here is some fool proof advice to help you out on your very own Hen Party Mission Impossible. Maybe you are only looking for great place to stay for your Hen weekend, see our accommodation at Crown Gardens.

Set up the method of communication

There are a lot of options for communication now. Find a method of communication that everyone is happy with and stick to it. A Whatsapp group works well, or a Facebook messenger group. Otherwise a group email list if everyone can remember to hit reply all. Make sure everyone is included in the communications and can easily access whatever method you choose.

Choose a date early

People have an amazing amount of commitments. Once you have the list of hens, choose the date of the hen weekend early so everyone can block it off in their diaries and commit to coming along. This will also give you a good framework for planning events as some events will only be on during certain times of year.

Talk openly about finances

One of the biggest bug bears of organising a hen party is getting everyone to pay the right amount of money at the right time. Before you start booking everything find out how much everyone can afford and when. The amount has to include the accommodation, activities, transport and any extras, such as fancy dress. Once you have a realistic budget set out, let the other hens know when payments are due and don’t surprise anyone with any last minute ideas, as this will cause resentment if some people are feeling strapped for cash.

Choose activities that everyone will enjoy to some extent

It is unlikely that everyone in the group will be wildly excited about exactly the same thing. You can allow people to opt out of activities if they are dead set against something, but be sure to include at least one thing that everyone is going to enjoy, even if it seems a bit tame to some members of the group. The important thing is spending time together.

Plan some down time

At Crown The Hen we have some beautiful group houses for hen parties that are large enough for everyone and decorated with hens in mind. Be sure to plan in some down time that will allow you all to lounge around in your accommodation, gossip and relax, so you can all recharge your batteries ready for the big day.


Posted 28th Jun 2017

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